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At Cattail Creek of Ruckersville, we believe that success starts at the beginning, when you select the plants and materials that go into your garden and home. 
Our goal is to seek out and find the healthiest plants and superior products, and offer them to our customers with outstanding service every time.Your home and garden are your great passion, and you can depend on us to inspire you and help you achieve great results.
This is where beautiful gardens begin.
Simple-TO-Grow Roses

David Austin English Roses are known for their beautiful, many-petalled rosettes or cupped flower forms. They are renowned for the variety as well as the intensity of their fragrances. This year selecting your David Austin English Roses is easier than ever with the Simple to Grow Collection

With thirty-seven of our easiest to grow David Austin English Roses - selected to provide great results even for new gardeners - this is the perfect place to start. The Simple to Grow Collection includes a wide color palette of the easiest to grow, fragrant and beautiful roses that will flower from spring till fall.

aeranthosAir plants are really plants from the bromeliad family known as Tillandsias. They grow without soil - attached to trees and rocks - earning them the name "air plant". Fun and easy to care for, Air plants adapt well to the home and office environment. They come in a vast assortment of shapes, sizes and colors. With attractive foliage and flowers along with minimal care requirements, Air plants can thrive in just about any room of your home.

Read more about Air Plants...
craftsman chimes from woodstockWoodstock Windschimes are the original, precision-tuned Windchimes. These chimes are really musical instruments played by the wind - with sweet and soothing tones and beautifully crafted, elegant designs.
Along with traditional chimes, Woodstock Chimes have ceated many other designs reflecting global influences, like Gongs and Bells. Woodstock Windchimes are tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world.
A classic, musically tuned chime makes a great gift.

David Austin Roses New Introductions for 2015

the-lady-gardener snow-goose1 the-mayflower wisley2008

The Lady Gardener

Strong tea fragrance with hints of cedar wood & vanilla

Snow Goose

Repeat flowering rambler - sprays of white roses & sweet musk fragrance

The Mayflower

Exceptionally free flowering with strong, old rose fragrance

Wisley 2008

 Warm pink blooms with fresh and fruity rose fragrance

brother-cadfael malvern hills constance-spry anne-boleyn

Brother Cadfael

Cupped blooms, strong old rose fragrance

Malvern Hills

Repeat flowering rambler, almost thornless

Constance Spry

Wonderful fragrance, early summer blooming

Anne Boleyn Tree

 Warm pink blooms & fresh rose fragrance

David Austin English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of modern roses. They are very easy to grow, healthy and reliable. Beautiful colors in a wide color palette, amazing fragrances and season-long blooms make these roses perfect for any garden.

Use our Simple-to-Grow Collection  to help you choose from among the best and easiest to grow roses, selected to to provide great results, even for inexperienced gardeners...read more

Order your selections now from among over 80 varieties, including eight New Varietes for 2015.

We are now accepting orders for Spring 2015. Reserve your selections now at 10% off our regular prices. This special pre-season offer expires March 27, 2015.

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